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Product name : PIR-4A PCB
Item : 2019829153758
Price : $ 1.39
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Output high level, structure, shape and output low level customization

Working voltage

DC 3V-15V

Working temperature

-30 to +60°C

Standby current

20UA (ultra low power consumption)

Pin definition

VCC (power), END (power-), OUT (output)

Sensing distance

0-5 meters

Output level

support output high / low level optional

Output current

high level version allows output current ≤10ma; low level version allows output current ≤1.5A

Output delay time

1.8 seconds - 60 minutes, the default time for delivery is 14.4 seconds, if you need to replace, you can leave a message or inform us to weld

Blocking time

1.8 seconds

Trigger mode



human body induction light

shoe cabinet control light

alarm security light

agricultural automation control light


The trigger mode can be repeated, in other words, after sensing the high or low level of the output, if someone is move around in its sensing range within the delay period, its output will remain the output valid condition until the person leaves the detection range. After the delay period, the output will change. In general, if the output connect with the LED light when someone always moving in the detection range, the activity light will remain on. On the contrary, when the person leaves the detection range, the light will remain off after the delay period. The light will be illuminated again after the 1.8 seconds delay period when someone enters in the detection range


This PIR-4A has installed lens and additional pins (customer can weld the pin horizontally or vertically according to their own situations). This module has high sensitivity, low standby power consumption, small size and easy installation. The module can be used without debugging

Product level description

Output high level version

When someone enters the detection range, the module OUT will output a high level of 3V (almost all human body sensing modules output are the same), the high level version of the output current is small, the maximum does not exceed 10ma, so it can not directly drive the LED lighting equipment. The output can be directly connected to the MCU, relay module, optocoupler etc

Output low level version

When the someone enters the detection range, the module OUT will output a low level of 0V, and it allows output of current within 0.5A to 1A, which can directly connected with a high power load ( Less than 18W), such as 12V LED lighting equipment, relays. It also can directly control other electronic equipment and can connect with MCU relay module


If you need schematic, module specification, technical support and details, please contact: jessica@aldpcb.com,  eng@aldpcb.com

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