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Name: Rube Goldberg
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E-mail: sales@aldpcb.com
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PCB Board
ALD PCB is a professional PCB Manufacturer in China. We produce printed circuit boards used in communication products, such as: Bluetooth PCB, Wireless PCB, Mobile Terminal, RF PCB, and so on; Used in computer, such as: Motherboard PCB, hard disk & ribbon Printed Circuit Boards, and so on; Used in digital products, such as: camera, CCTV, lcd & video Printed Circuit Boards, and so on; Used in automatic electronic products, such as: Automotive PCB, LED PCB, and more.

LED Aluminum PCB Sample


We offer all kinds of LED PCB Product. For High-Power LED of the Aluminum Base PCB, copper base PCB, ceramic base PCB, for low-power LED of the FR4 PCB, High-Temperature PCB. As the Aluminum Base PCB of good thermal performance, High-Power LED products most commonly used Aluminum Base PCB.

Security Product Application PCB Sample


We offer a variety of Printed Circuit Boards used in electronic security products, such as Flexible Circuit ( FPC ), High Multilayer Circuit Board, Metal Core PCB, HDI PCB. Our Printed Circuit Board Products are widely use in the CCTV monitors, wireless alarm systems and other electronic security products.

Digital Production PCB Sample


In the past few years, we produce hundreds of thousands of types of Printed Circuit Boards of digital products. So we are very rich experience, be able to quickly meet your demand for digital products at different times.

                                         ISO9001:2008, UL (E351742), REACH (138) Report, RoHS Report

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