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Backdrill PCB
ALD PCB is a professional PCB Manufacturer in China. We produce printed circuit boards used in communication products, such as: Bluetooth PCB, Wireless PCB, Mobile Terminal, RF PCB, and so on; Used in computer, such as: Motherboard PCB, hard disk & ribbon Printed Circuit Boards, and so on; Used in digital products, such as: camera, CCTV, lcd & video Printed Circuit Boards, and so on; Used in automatic electronic products, such as: Automotive PCB, LED PCB, and more.

Signal integrity Backdrill PCB Sample


As data rates increase, the amount of distortion introduced by the PTH via structure also increases – usually at an exponential rate considerably higher than the associated increase in data rate. For example, the distortion producing effects of a PTH via at a 6.25 Gb/s data rate is often more than double that at 3.125 Gb/s.

Thermal Consumption Backdrill PCB Sampl


ISO9001:2008, UL (E351742), REACH (138) Report, RoHS Report

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