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Name: Rube Goldberg
Tel: +86-13697458841
E-mail: sales@aldpcb.com
Add: No.67 Chun Hui Si Street Luogang District,Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province,China

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ALD PCB is not only a PCB manufacturer but also a one-stop solution provider for circuit board services, We also provide PCB Assembly/PCBA Services, including SMT, DIP, BGA, COB, X-Ray and ICT Test, etc. Equipped with SAMSUMG high-speed SMT machine, Panasonic Auto & Half-semi paste printer, Kince Lead-free reflow soldering machine, Chang Rong Lead free wave soldering machine and a full set of lead-free equipments. With our PCB Assembly services, our customer can get one-stop convenience and single point of support for both of PCB manufacturing and Assembly, so that efficiently save customer's cost and time.
                                                       1. PCB Assembly/PCBA


                                                        Process: SMT+DIP
                                                        Parts Package: DIP, CHIP, SOP, QFP, BGA, QFN, etc.
                                                        Min Parts: 0201
                                                        Min BGA Pitch: 0.5mm
                                                        Min IC Pitch: 0.4mm
                                                        X-ray and ICT test
                                                        2. Printed Circuit Board Assembly


                                                        Specialized in assembling boards for network and communication, industry 
                                                        control etc.
                                                        Up to 20 layers mixed assembly technology used on communication.
                                                        With IPC610 manufacturing and other international standards.
                                                        Support small to volume PCBA requirements.
                                                        Offer low cost PCB Stencil & Solder Paste Stencil