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Name: Rube Goldberg
Tel: +86-13697458841
E-mail: sales@aldpcb.com
Add: No.67 Chun Hui Si Street Luogang District,Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province,China

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ALD PCB is a professional PCB Manufacturer in China. We produce printed circuit boards used in communication products, such as: Bluetooth PCB, Wireless PCB, Mobile Terminal, RF PCB, and so on; Used in computer, such as: Motherboard PCB, hard disk & ribbon Printed Circuit Boards, and so on; Used in digital products, such as: camera, CCTV, lcd & video Printed Circuit Boards, and so on; Used in automatic electronic products, such as: Automotive PCB, LED PCB, and more.

High Frequency PCB ( HF PCB )


High Frequency PCB are widely used in wireless networks, wireless communications and satellite communications, in particular the popularity of 3G, 4G networks exacerbate the market demand for the product on the HF PCB. For some special high-frequency PCB materials ( such as: Teflon PCB material, Rogers PCB materials were ), we have sufficient inventory.

Rogers PCB Sample


In recent years, customers specify the Rogers PCB laminate has increased significantly. Rogers commonly used materials have adequate inventory to quickly meet your needs. 

                                        ISO9001:2008, UL (E351742), REACH (138) Report, RoHS Report

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